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Security Services

UAVs allow security personnel to reduce and deter threats, survey larger areas in less time, and respond more effectively to intruders.

Aerial drone services are an ideal tool for upgrading your security force. They are able to “walk” a route more quickly and effectively than a person, moving over obstructions easily and being able to view rooftops. By combining tethered drones to keep consistent surveillance and deployable drones to investigate disturbances, your team will maximize its’ potential to identify and de-escalate problems early on in their timeline. The added situational awareness provided to security forces will help minimize risk to personnel, and thermal tracking software can be used to ensure intruders are apprehended.

Event Surveillance:

Securing events often involves a small task force trying to cover a large area and a lot of people.



Benefits of Drone Security for Event Surveillance:

Mapping a venue pre-event to create an action plan for security deployment. Using drones to map out a venue will give the team the information they need to place their forces, identify weak points (employee entrances) where sustained surveillance could be beneficial, and help familiarize their team with evacuation routes in case of disaster.

Mixing tethered drones and deployable drones help security respond to all situations quickly and efficiently. By placing tethered drones to provide consistent information from key areas, security is able to keep a birds-eye view of the area, giving a 360° view. Deployable drones can then be used to investigate potential disturbances, reducing the response time and keeping personnel safer.

Drone use deters intruders: Just as having alarms or cameras can make your event less of a target, security equipped with drones is more of a deterrent for troublemakers.

UAV’s can run a perimeter route faster and more easily. Walking a perimeter is time-consuming, and it can be easy to slip in unnoticed. With thermal imaging, drones are able to spot intruders more easily and move through the route quickly.

Intruder Response

Equipped with thermal imaging, drones are able to not only spot intruders but track them until they can be apprehended.

Using drones helps security forces get closer to intruders without alerting them. Particularly at night, when headlights on vehicles can indicate an incoming team, drones can pinpoint an intruders location and follow discreetly, giving security time to bring in whatever forces are deemed necessary.

Drones can be used to search blind spots and corners, minimizing risk to your people. Not having to confront blind spots in the traditional manner means your team will be able to respond to situations effectively with less injury.

Tracking the intruders just became easier. Using thermal imaging, drones will be able to track intruders through dense undergrowth and obstructions, providing your team with the information required to catch said person.

With drones, response time is much faster. Sending a drone up to the roof of a building or to an outer perimeter can be done in a manner of minutes, so that you can find out what’s going on before it develops into a situation.

FlyGuys Drone Pilots are licensed and certified to help you have a safe and successful event. Contact us to find out more about how we can upgrade your security.

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