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HElidECK & HElipAd INspEctioN

Helideck Safety Inspections are performed against UK CAP 437 standards as amended.

Standard Helideck Inspection Services include;

> Helideck Safety Compliance Inspection.

> Helideck Surface Friction Testing. 

> Helicopter Fuel Supply System Verifications.

* Allocate 1 Day Offshore for each service 

Additional Offshore Services include:

> Helideck Fuel System Maintenance. 

> Inspections of Communication System.

> Inspections of Metrological Measurement System.

* Allocate 2 days Offshore for each service 

- Inspections exclude the costs of replacement parts.

Helideck Safety Compliance Inspections consist of the verification of the subject procedures, Quality and Safety Management System, Related approvals, Certifications, Liability Insurance and Emergency Response Protocols. 

The client / audit owner is updated with an Interim Audit report 48 hours post the Inspection performance and thereafter within 7 working days with an Executive Inspection Report.

Audit Findings are managed on request with our bespoke Compliance Monitoring Solution (CMS) an Online Platform which is thereafter concluded with an Inspection Close-Out Report being released at the time of all recorded non-conformances being closed out.

Audit costs is presented as a Port-to-Port service. Non-Audit related costs are for the client’s account.

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