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Founded in 2017, Heli Africa Safety Solutions, Ltd, abbreviated as HASS, is a company incorporated under Angolan law, headquartered in Luanda, in the municipality of Talatona, Urban District of Benfica-Chinguar Rua Projectada s/nº. registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Luanda under number 2018.2 on 05/02-2018;


Since its foundation, HASS has been operating in several aviation segments, mainly off-shore, and in the oil industry, offering its customers and partners a variety of complete and fully integrated services with well-defined objectives in accordance with its core business.


Our Services

Helideck & Helipad Inspection

Helideck Safety Compliance Inspections consist of the verification of the subject procedures, Quality and Safety Management System, Related approvals, Certifications, Liability Insurance and Emergency Response Protocols. 

Safety Compliance

Audits are performed against the Client contractual requirements, National Aviation Authority Regulation and or OGP 590/690 Standards as amended.


Whilst HASS specialise in helicopter and offshore operations, fixed wing audit services are also provided.


UAVs allow security personnel to reduce and deter threats, survey larger areas in less time, and respond more effectively to intruders.

Aerial drone services are an ideal tool for upgrading your security force. They are able to “walk” a route more quickly and effectively than a person, moving over obstructions easily and being able to view rooftops. 


Once you’re part of our pilot network, we find out your skills and capabilities as a drone pilot to ensure you have access to the exact missions you’re qualified for.


HASS will provide these services with professionalism, competence and high quality to enable you to maintain the best flight and safety conditions for your aircraft and your personnel. We will be at your disposal to meet your needs and your specific conditions.

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We'd love to hear from you

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